Atomic Pop Shop

Located at 2963 Government Street, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

PHONE: (225) 771-8455


Our Hours Are:

  • Monday (closed)
  • Tuesday 12-6
  • Wednesday 12-6
  • Thursday 12-6
  • Friday 12-6
  • Saturday 12-6
  • Sunday 12-4

Atomic Pop Shop. Your #1 all vinyl record store and one of the best record stores in America.

We are BR’s Largest Independent ALL Vinyl Record Store run by certified clean freaks who want nothing more than to offer superior vinyl at the lowest prices possible. We use the best record cleaning products and pre-clean our used records because our mission is to deliver maximum enjoyment at a minimum price. No games, no lunchboxes, no filler, no foolin’. We are serious about records and expect you to leave our store with more records and more money in your pocket than you thought possible. We know records and offer personalized one on one service.

Clean records last longer and make your needle last longer too so we clean and re-sleeve most records we sell! Come in, browse our massive and diverse collection of thousands upon thousands of records from all era’s for your ears. Take your gem home and enjoy it right away. We carry all genres and know hip hop, to rock, to bop to Bach. Our showroom has the widest selection of music at better prices than you can find anywhere.

Want to stretch your hard earned dollar or are you on a budget? We have thousands of VG+ to NM filler records we have accumulated that are priced at $3 and under in our Capital City Vinyl Annex. Need records from around the country or from around the world? We have a diverse network of record specialists and we buy only the best so we can offer you only the best in rare and desirable vinyl in collectible condition. Come visit our clean and friendly store and take look see and a listen. Or come enjoy a FREE all ages live show in our relaxed atmosphere. Mi casa es su casa Amigos!


We understand your analog need and your approach to listening. We welcome the casual browser to the most demanding collector. We have something for everyone and we are Baton Rouge’stop record shop. We are number #1 for a reason and want to say THANK YOU to all of our customers for helping us to provide you with exactly what you’d expect from a full service record store.

We are a no muss or fuss mom and pop record store specializing in only the best used LP’s, 45’s and 78’s as well as select new vinyl. Discover new music in our 2000 square foot showroom without having to dig. Every record is cleaned, sleeved, arranged and in alphabetical order just like you would have in your own collection because this is our own collection.

Our showroom is fully stocked with a broad collection of over 10,000 new and used records and we are one of the few remaining brick and mortar record stores that understand why and how an analog approach is often a more satisfying approach to music. Our collection of records is well organized and we have everything from the most rare pre-owned to the best new music available today. We know 45’s too and have a superb collection of Northern Soul, Doo-Wop, Brit Pop, and Rock 45’s.

If you’re a crate hound looking for a bargain, there’s 1000’s of less than perfect records for $3 or less in our Capital City Vinyl annex adjoining our primary showroom. We welcome all audio tape formats as well and have a small but ever growing collection of pre-recorded 1/4 reel to reel tape, compact cassettes and 8-Tracks.

We do not carry CD’s but we understand the strength and weaknesses of lossy and lossless digital formats. We know the benefits of both tube and transistor gear just as well as well we know the benefits of FLAC and WAV 24 Bit/96 kHz and/or 24 Bit/192 kHz file sampling over the MP3 format.

Like any good record, we regularly host record release parties as well as free, all ages in-store performances from both local to nationally touring bands. Please see our happenings page for more

We also offer vintage reconditioned phonographs, mid-century stereo consoles, and other Hi-Fi gear and can advise on the purchase of a record player that will suit your needs for years to come. We pride ourselves in our merchandise and most vintage equipment is sold with the guarantee that we will sell you something that works for you or we will give you your money back. We want to help you to have the right new equipment or vintage record player, receiver and speakers that will bring the most out of your record collection.

We keep in stock only the best record cleaning products and can clean, transcribe and deliver back to you a digital recording of your favorite or most cherished records. We are one of the only resources that can transcribe your archaic acetate records including those made by Presto, Wilcox-Gay, Recordio, Rek-O-Kut, Tru-Kut, and Audiodisc that were used for commercial or home recording from the 1940’s to the 1960’s. We know how to choose the best stylus for the job, our turntables are specifically set up to match the individual record type and we generally will not exceed two grams of force to transcribe a recording. We cannot transcribe foil, or wax cylinder recordings at this time but we are currently developing a system for these recordings.

We often offer discounts so be sure to ask when you visit.